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About BD myShopi

BD myShopi is the number 1 omnichannel activation platform in Belgium, offering more than 50 years of experience in logistics as well as offline and online consumer activation. By approaching consumers through different channels – in-home, on the go, in the letterbox and in-store – we make sure they are inspired to undertake specific actions.

Thus, our mission is to deliver activated consumers. We do so by distributing leaflets, samples and other creative campaigns in 4,5 million letterboxes in Belgium on a weekly basis and by placing digital cashbacks, leaflets and promotions on our promo platform myShopi, which has been downloaded over 2,2 million times in Belgium. More than ever, generating traffic to physical as well as digital stores is at the core of our proposition.

No omnichannel strategy without a particular focus on data, since data allow for offering our clients segmented marketing solutions based on geographic as well as socio-demographic parameters. In practice, we can distribute customized campaigns per sector with an average of 850 letterboxes.

About CityDepot

CityDepot,as an expert in sustainable urban logistics, takes care of the bundled delivery of goods in the city. With 30 employees in 6 Belgian cities there are about 40 CityDepot vehicles on the road every day. Good for handling more than 1000 deliveries per day. Bundling of logistic flows results in a saving of 2300 km truck traffic per week.

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