BD myShopi segments

The consumer is increasingly being approached in a more focused way via door-to-door campaigns. This is possible thanks to a geographical selection of the distribution area and socio-demographic segmentation. As a result your campaign reaches a rather specific target group in a very cost efficient way. BD myShopi gladly assists you in determining the sectors and consumer profiles for the distribution of your communication.

Geographic segmentation

BD myShopi has divided Belgium into more than 5,500 geographical sectors – therefore a lot more than the some 589 municipalities in our country. A sector represents on average 850 letter boxes. By having your printed matter or samples delivered in the sectors of your choice, your campaign will score on efficiency.

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Socio-demographic segmentation

Within our more than 5,500 BD myShopi sectors printed material and samples can be distributed in a focused way on basis of the most recurrent consumer profiles, e.g. in a sector with an overrepresentation of young households with an average-sized garden. 

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