The importance of the environment is increasingly being brought to the fore. In 2009, BD myShopi obtained the ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management. Every year, we set different goals to lower the impact on the environment. .

Reduction of CO2 emission
BD myShopi is continuously set on reducing its CO2 emission and therefore takes measures regarding transport, energy consumption, environmentally friendly sealing and waste sorting. 

  • Transport
    Purchase of new Euro-6 class lorries
    Purchase of new company cars with low CO2 emission
    Optimising transport via a Track & Trace system
    Introduction and stimulation carpooling, incl. a financial allowance for car-poolers
    Possibility to work at home
  • Energy
    Awareness campaign for employees concerning saving on lighting and heating
    Exclusive use of green electric power for all locations that are property of BD myShopi
    The use of open landscape areas in view of efficient heating of all spaces
    Lighting and water taps with sensors
    The use of solar panels where possible (e.g. production site Waver)  
  • Environmentally friendly sealing and waste sorting
    The use of recyclable LPDE foil (Low Density Poly Ethyleen) for the sealing of leaflet parcels
    BD myShopi is a member of Fost Plus and Val-i-pac
    Raise awareness amongst employees about sorting waste
    Follow-me printers to prevent unnecessary printing

    ​* Full Time Equivalent


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