• 2020
    With the takeover of CityDepot, the pioneer in sustainable urban logistics, the activities of BD myShopi are hitting top speeds within the field of smart logistics.
  • 2019
    BD myShopi’s production moves from its logistical centres in Merelbeke and Waver to a single, brand new 16,000m² logistical hub in Bornem.
  • 2019
    By signing the Green Deal for Sustainable Urban Logistics, BD myShopi makes the commitment to set up 1 or 2 innovative activities relating to more efficient and low-emission deliveries in Flanders in the coming year.
  • 2015     
    BD myShopi opens it brand-new logistics centre in Merelbeke as a complement of the service centre in Wavre. The head office is moved from Nossegem to Diegem.
  • 2014     
    BD takes over the start-up of myShopi and continues as a marketing company focused on omni-channel activation and logistics under the name of BD myShopi.
  • 2011     
    BD celebrates its 50th anniversary. NPM Capital finances the management buy-out of BD & RSM Italia, TNT’s unaddressed printed matter affiliate in Italy.
  • 2006     
    TPG Post changes its name to TNT Post.
  • 2002     
    BD introduces sealing (bundling under transparent foil) of leaflet packages for distribution in a large part of the country.
  • 1996     
    The Dutch KPN group acquires BD. Later the KPN group is split into KPN Telecom and TPG Post. BD resorts under TPG Post.
  • 1981     
    BD builds a new sorting centre in Nossegem and which will grow into its national hub.
  • 1967     
    BD distributes door-to-door leaflets across the whole of Belgium: 3,049,821 letter boxes.
  • 1962     
    The first BD warehouse is built at Héliport in order to be able to process the ever increasing volume of door-to-door printed material.
  • 1961     
    Jean Vanderlinden founds Belgische Distributiedienst nv on 22 November.

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