Social responsibility

BD is guided by 17 social responsibility business principles.

Principles concerning the company

  • BD myShopi only acts in accordance with the law and its own company policy
  • BD myShopi reports in full, in an honest, accurate and timely manner
  • BD myShopi communicates in an open and transparent way about its activities, without compromising confidentiality
  • BD myShopi is not involved in party politics
  • BD myShopi guarantees its employees safe and healthy working conditions


Principles concerning employees

  • BD myShopi creates equal opportunities for all its employees
  • BD myShopi does not discriminate on basis of age, handicap, descent, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or civil status
  • BD myShopi shows consideration to its employees and treats them in an honest and respectful way
  • BD myShopi avoids conflicts of interest
  • BD myShopi does not misuse company goods for illicit personal enrichment
  • BD myShopi rejects any form of granting personal favours
  • BD myShopi refuses to pay or accept bribes


Principles concerning the activities

  • BD myShopi strives to achieve the most reliable and efficient solutions for its clients
  • BD myShopi safeguards the properties and information that are entrusted to it
  • BD myShopi does not apply unethical practices to gain competitive advantage
  • BD myShopi is guided by its business principles to do business and to enter into partnerships


Principles concerning the world

  • BD myShopi aims at solutions that lead to sustainable environmental and social benefits


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