A.S. Adventure’s interactive leaflet


When opening  the myShopi app or website, consumers are presented with leaflets of more than 200 Belgian retailers. In order to generate as much traffic and sales as possible for their webshops through these leaflets, myShopi offers retailers the possibility to make them interactive.

The digital leaflet by A.S. Adventure is amongst these ‘interactive leaflets’ on myShopi. A link with affiliate partner TradeTracker allows for a link to the A.S. Adventure e-commerce product feed, thus making products and promotions clickable. The link also guarantees that when leafing through the leaflet, you get to see the actual price, a high res image and an up-to-date description of the product. All you have to do is click the product to access the direct link to the A.S. Adventure webshop and buy the product you want.

The A.S. Adventure / myShopi collaboration is innovating because it unites a mobile-first platform, a classic leaflet, an e-commerce product feed and an affiliate partner join in order to create a performance based interactive campaign to generate traffic to both a physical and online shop.

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