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In addition to retailers and FMCG producers, many advertisers from the most diverse segments choose BD myShopi. It is the immense reach of our leaflet distribution in particular that is the deciding factor for many advertisers. Via the myShopi app and website – Belgium’s number 1 promo platform – promotions and adverts reach ever more consumers.

A multi-channel combination of the right tools can give advertisers maximum brand awareness, visibility and activation. At BD myShopi we strive for an optimal shopping experience for the traditional as well as the online consumer and are always looking for a tailor-made customer journey for every individual.

Why opt for working together with BD myShopi?

  • Put your competition on the myShopi platform and we will monitor the competition for you
  • Distribute your discount voucher or code via the WOWbox or a sticker on the leaflet package
  • Announce your events or promotions on the seal insert in 4 million copies
  • Reach 4,5 million households with a personalised door hanger or Post-It
  • Activate with online display campaigns, online leaflets, push notifications, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and a tailor-made offer for your campaign.


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