BD myShopi launches innovative ‘Promo chatbot by myShopi’

Promo chatbot by myShopi

BD myShopi launched their own myShopi chatbot in cooperation with Botbakery (Hello Agency/ The House of Marketing). This chatbot anticipates on the passionate quest of consumers for the perfect Valentine gift through online shopping and leaflets. The myShopi chatbot also offers a lot of opportunities for the promotion of discount codes and e-commerce promotions of brands and retailers.

With more than 35.000 chatbots worldwide, the time has come for BD myShopi  to launch their own promo chatbot. Most bots  – and this also goes for the myShopi chatbot – are linked to Facebook Messenger and allow for direct interaction between brands, retailers and consumers. Even though foreign shopping platforms like Ebay, Kaufda and Spotta already launched a similar initiative, the ‘Promo chatbot by myShopi’ is the first Belgian bot in its kind. By offering consumers the best promotions and most recent leaflets, ‘Promo chatbot by myShopi’ supports myShopi’s mission to facilitate and inspire consumers as well as allowing them to save money on the grocery shopping. 

What is a chatbot?
A chatbot allows interaction in the form of a dialogue through a digital platform like Facebook Messenger. By now, over 35.000 chatbots have been launched to bring consumers, retailers and brands closer together.

Promo chatbot by myShopi

myShopi is the number one promo platform, known for the weekly distribution of promotional leaflets in the mailbox, the website and the app for smartphone and tablet which has been downloaded over a million times and attracts 500.000 active users every month. To generate even more reach, myShopi now launches  a chatbot through Facebook Messenger, which is well known by consumers and allows them to easily enter into a dialogue with myShopi.

A study by Nielsen*proves indeed that 67% of the consumers do crave for more interaction with companies through messaging. In the case of the myShopi Valentines chatbot, it goes likes this: let the bot know if you’re looking for a male or female gift, which budget you want to spend andif he/she is into fashion, technology, beauty, and so on.. Within seconds, the bot shows you all kind of possible gifts, available in e-shops by partners of myShopi. The suggested leaflets – oh yes, you can also ask for inspiration from the latest leaflets – automatically link to the (interactive) leaflets on myShopi.

With the launch of her own chatbot, BD myShopi again shows its sense of innovation. After the successful acquisition of myShopi as a digital pillar to complement the logistic DNA (i.e. leaflet distribution), interactive leaflets were launched  to improve online shopping through digital leaflets. ‘Promo chatbot by myShopi’ is another innovation, allowing for a boost in leaflet views for retailers and brands as well as sales generation through e-commerce promotions and discount codes.

*Facebook Messaging Survey, Nielsen, maart 2016


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