BD myShopi presents: The science behind activation

Folder van het jaar - The science behind activation

RetailDetail partners up with BD myShopi, Pubmarket and Profacts to present a completely new afternoon program on ultimate activation by means of neuromarketing, the psychology of pricing and creativity. Gregoire van Cutsem (Touring), Christine Vermorgen (Ikea) and Pierre-Louis Bertrand (Danone) are among the speakers sharing insights, results and tricks to optimise offline as well as online leaflets. Keynote speaker is Martin de Munnik, founding partner and strategist of Neurensics. And of course we present you the award ceremony for the best 2016 leaflets.

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  • Profacts
    Jelle Demanet - Post-doctoral researcher
    Profacts explains their cutting edge research methods to increase the efficiency of promo communication as well as the innovative methods to optimize folders, websites or packages.

  • Touring
    Gregoire van Cutsem - Marketing & Sales Director
    Price psychology in leaflets: which pricing strategies can be applied to increase the impact of the folder? Grégoire Van Cutsem shares concrete tips and tricks for advertisers.
  • BD myShopi
    Toon Coppens - Strategy Manager
    The mobile folder: app 2 store. Discover the importance of the mobile leaflet for m-commerce and physical stores as well as its possibilities regarding interaction, optimisation, analytics and sales attribution.

  • Adrexo
    Stéphanie Grodard - Directeur Marketing and Digital Platform
    Adrexo, the French Leading private DDM operator, makes recommendations for folder optimisation based on research about consumers and consumer behaviour as well as research about eye tracking.

  • Ikea
    Christine Vermorgen - Advertising & catalogue manager
    The Ikea catalogue is extremely popular in Belgium. This year, Ikea focuses even more than ever on storytelling and experience. Christine Vermorgen enlightens us about the strategy and the approach.

  • Danone
    Pierre-Louis Bertrand – Senior brand manager
    Danone reveals the secret of their successful omnichannel Oikos campaign in which the leaflet plays an important role.

  • Neurensics
    Martin C. T. De Munnik - Neuromarketing Expert
    Having studied over 2.000 marketing-stimuli in more than 25.000 MRI-scans, Martin de Munnik is among the most experienced neuromarketers in the world. Join his exceptional journey in the consumer’s brain: how are decisions made, how do we buy things and how can this be influenced?


Remise des prix pour les meilleurs folders de l’année

Find out who wins the 4 consumer prizes in the category Supermarkets / Home, DIY, Garden & Animals / Electronics & Telecom / Beauty, Lifestyle & Brands. The professional jury will announce their favourites during RetailDetail Night.


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