Belgian myShopi app allows shopping through mobile leaflets

In 50% of all purchases,  mobile devices are used during the process. Even Belgian consumers are more open to shopping on mobile devices. Mobile shopping is furthermore promoted by the myShopi, allowing for shopping in your favourite e-shops through the mobile leaflets on the myShopi app and website.

myShopi contains leaflets of more than 200 Belgian retailers, from Media Markt and A.S.Adventure to Ici Paris XL and Weba, from Blokker and Hema to Coolblue and Bart Smit. Many of those leaflets are interactive, allowing you to click different products, which leads you directly to the official webshop of the advertiser to buy the product.

What’s so special about this, is that the myShopi app is linked directly to different e-commerce shops through e-commerce product feeds. This allows consumers to leaf through mobile leaflets that show the latest product info, prizes, promotions … .

As in paper leaflets, mobile leaflets encourage and allow us to check out the best promotions. myShopi allows you to look up brands and products in its search bar and get an overview of different promotions in different (e)shops. This is made possible by a direct link between myShopi and the e-commerce shops.

For it's innovative approach to mobile leaflets and promo search, bringing consumers and retailers closer together, myShopi was awarded a Digital Marketing Award from Bloovie on November 17, 2016.


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