Belgians have 2 million loyalty cards on their smartphones

The mobile application myShopi, which provides digital loyalty cards and promotional leaflets, has reached 1,2 million Belgian downloads. By now, 2 million digital loyalty cards have been saved in the app. According to BD myShopi, the company behind the application, 600.000 active users use the myShopi app every month. The popularity of digitale loyalty cards and  promotional leaflets gradually enters the digital era. 

More digital loyalty cards, less frustration at the cash register

“Belgians are loyal to their loyalty cards. But think about how frustrated you get when you left the one card you need at home, or about carrying that heavy wallet along. That’s exactly why Belgian consumers already added almost 2 million digital loyalty cards to the myShopi app”, according to Tim De Witte, CCO of BD myShopi.

“Half of the myShopi users have scanned the bar code or QR-code on their cards to add them to myShopi and simply ask to scan them at the cash register. Knowing that the average weight of a loyalty card is about 5 grams, Belgian consumers now carry 10 ton less in loyalty cards”, explains Tim De Witte. 

The user statistics of the app deliver interesting insights about the buying behavior of Belgian consumers. BD myShopi knows for example that women have an average of 6 cards installed on their smartphone, while men rather have 5 loyalty cards installed. 

The loyalty cards of Colruyt, Carrefour, Delhaize, Hubo and Decathlon are digitalized the most. The majority of the 10 most popular cards are supermarkets or retailers with large points of sale. What’s striking: users older than 36 digitalize significantly more loyalty cards than millennials (19 to 35 years old), but with over 4 loyalty cards per user this generation is nevertheless doing great. The real loyalty card champions are the +55 year-olds with almost 7 cards per user. 

The average number of digitalized loyalty cards per user

Total          4,14

Men           4,92
Women      6,15

19 - 35 y.o.   4,11
36 - 55 y.o.   6,49
55+               6,9

Top 10 digitalized loyalty cards per retailer

  1. Colruyt
  2. Carrefour
  3. Delhaize
  4. Hubo
  5. Decathlon
  6. AVEVE
  7. JBC
  8. Albert Heijn
  9. Ici Paris XL
  10. Gamma


Purchasing from the (digital) leaflet

Next to loyalty cards, myShopi also offers leaflets of over 200 Belgian retailers. And Belgian consumers are also eager to leaf through the digital version. 

What strikes the most is that especially women read leaflets – two thirds of the readers on myShopi are women.

Women prefer leaflets about fashion, interior design and toys, while men are mainly interested in DIY, cars and electro. But the number one position – for men and women – is occupied by leaflets from different supermarkets. They’re mostly read during the weekend – before doing our grocery shopping – but are also eagerly read on weekdays between 20h and 22h . 

Age makes a difference as well: youngsters prefer to read leaflets in the app, on their mobile device. The elderly prefer consulting de web version on their computer or laptop. Increasingly more digital leaflets contain links to the webshop of the retailer, to activate consumers to order online. 

“Linking leaflets to a sales channel is an innovative way of shortening of the customer journey, thus making myShopi a more powerful instrument for retailers.”  

Recent results confirm that myShopi is essential when advertisers aim for omni-channel activation.
Tim De Witte – CCO BD myShopi

Still number one in omni-channel activation

With 1,2 million Belgian downloads and 600.000 active users every month, myShopi makes for an essential partner for retailers. Next to the online reach, an even bigger reach is established by offering offline activation solutions, including the distribution of the weekly leaflet parcel in 4,5 million mailboxes. Due to its popularity amongst consumers, promotional leaflets still make for real added value in retail marketing. “The recent figures confirm that myShopi is essential when advertisers aim for omni-channel activation,” decides Tim De Witte. 

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