Price simulator folders

You would like to know how much a folder campaign would cost you? Our price cimulatore gives you a good first impression. Just select the towns in which you wish to distribute your folders and we'll show you:

  • The number of copies you need for this area.
  • The costs for distribution of an average folder (size A4, max.20g).


The price simulator offers a price indication. Prices may vary, based on:

  • The size being larger than A4
  • The weight being more than 20 gram
  • Other specifications deviating from standard
  • Distribution taking place in week-ends or during summer holidays

Price simulator for folder distribution

Please select one or more towns*

You can filter on both postal code or place.
* Select one or more (with ctrl) areas with the arrows or double-click for which you would like to make an assessment.

Do you want to know about a personalised strategy for your folder distribution? 

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