From trial to buyer

The great advantage of cashbacks is that your discount is accepted in 100% of the points of sale. This way you yourself decide the discount at whatever retailer. For the consumer, converting the cashback into money is really simple.

Why opt for a cashack?

  • Quick and flexible: deliver today, online tomorrow

  • Cashbacks generate more trial and a high repeat rate

  • Complex cross-sell and upsell actions are also possible online

  • Thanks to real-time analytics you can monitor the success of the action and make adjustments if necessary

  • Post cashback surveys give a picture of consumer experience

Cashbacks are used, for instance, to reinforce a new product launch and as part of savings campaigns, cross-sell and upsell actions. With an average redemption of 12.5%, the impact of your action is guaranteed. Please ask about our theme package for even greater visibility. 



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