Challenge ahead for individual retailer apps

According to a recent article on the Mobile Day website, hosted by Bloovi, few consumers are willing to download –
let alone use  – the individual apps presented by different retailers. Nonetheless, more and more consumers have a
smartphone, data traffic is higher than ever and the number of retailer apps keeps growing.

The study by Forrester which is mentioned in the article indicates that 60% of the interviewees downloads no more
than 2 to 3 retailer apps
on their smartphones and that only 8% of the smartphone users actually use them. According
to the Wefi investigation, those active users are mostly consumers that stay loyal to one specific supermarket. Since
the number of loyal consumer is decreasing – e.g. people stop at Delhaize in the week-end and visit Carrefour on their
way to the day-care center – the number of loyal retailer app users doesn’t live up to the expectations. A 2012 GFK
study already reported that the average consumer visits no less than 4,7 different supermarkets per quarter.

In this fragmented shopping landscape, the value of an aggregated retailer app is re-confirmed. Amidst the enormous
number of retailer apps, the consumer is mainly in search of simplicity. A central platform for inspiration and facilitation
where information from various retailers can be found offers real added value for consumers preparing their weekly errands.

myShopi is built exactly to facilitate these modern consumers who are open to visiting different shops, trying new products,
etc. The app and website allow them to create a shopping list for Colruyt one day, but just as easily switch to Spar or Lidl
the next. Also, post cashback surveys show that the myShopi cashbacks can make the consumer decide to switch brands.
With no less than 600.000 Belgian downloads and 250.000 to 300.000 visitors per month, myShopi is an important central
source of information, inspiration and activation of numerous consumers. 

Source: Mobile Day News


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