Digital Marketing Award for myShopi's unique mobile leaflet approach

Yesterday evening, myShopi won an award for Most Performing App Campaign in the election of Bloovi's Digital Marketing Awards thanks to its innovative approach on mobile leaflets and promo search. The winning case centers around the interactive leaflet that was launched by A.S.Adventure earlier this year.

myShopi is the only platform to establish a direct link with retailer product feeds in order to create interactive mobile leaflets, allowing consumers to click on each and every product in the leaflet for more product information and giving them access to the retailer's webshop to buy the product. Thanks to their collaboration with myShopi and affiliate partner TradeTracker, A.S.Adventure is provided with an overview of clicks, sales, click-sales-ratio, folder views, page views and user profiles (age, gender, geolocation..). 

Do you want to know about a personalised strategy for your folder distribution? 

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