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Maximum attention in the online shop window

myShopi offers many “rich media” display formats (such as splash pages for app and web, websliders, newsletter banners and many more) for your branding and awareness campaigns. Discover our numerous push channel and premium display options!

Why opt for display advertising?

  • A splash page for app and web will earn you extra clicks and redemptions
  • A webslider on the home page of the website provides improved visibility
  • Reach the 215.000 readers of the myShopi newsletter with newsletter banners
  • Profit from our tens of thousands of likes on Facebook and our followers on Twitter
  • Have push notifications sent to app users for extra activation

Did you know that you can have your online competitions hosted by myShopi? Co-branding with myShopi for different media channels like TV and print is also possible. myShopi will always make sure that your campaign reaches the maximum of attention in the online shop window. 



Do you want to know about a personalised strategy for your folder distribution? 

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