Door to Door Engine

A personal distribution area for leaflets and creative products can be selected without any restrictions in the BD myShopi Door-to-Door Engine via readable Google Maps.

  • Enter a municipality, postcode or  BD sector and discover straight away how many households you can reach
  • Selecting an area with a certain kilometre range near your sales point(s) is also possible
  • Via selection and de-selection you can refine your search down to sector level

In addition, the Door-To-Door Engine allows you to request an offer for the area that you have selected and to put through an order. The selected distribution area can simply be printed out as a map in JPEG or PDF format, as well as the report for declaring municipal taxes.

The Door-to-Door Engine is exclusively available to our clients. You can obtain a login and password via the Account Manager.

Door to Door Engine

Do you want to know about a personalised strategy for your folder distribution? 

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