Door hanger

Your message opens doors

Enhance the regional attention value of your brand, product or point of sale with an eye-catching door hanger at the front door of the consumer. With a tailor-made reach, your message continues to stay put with the desired target group.

Why opt for a door hanger?

  • Show your message to a specific target group
  • Make an impression with a clear call to action
  • Put a product, a new shop or a competition in the limelight
  • Attract extra visitors to your open-door day or event
  • Distribute your discount voucher in an original way

Looking for an all-in package?

In addition to the distribution, BD myShopi can also take care of the design and printing of the door hanger. Please contact us for a tailor-made offer.



Do you want to know about a personalised strategy for your folder distribution? 

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