EFFIE Award for BD myShopi and De Vloer

B2C-campaign was awarded for its communication strategy and exceptional ROI

EFFIE awards 2017

We did it! BD myShopi and De Vloer were awarded the bronze EFFIE Award for their B2C-campaign for the Belgian born (and internationally known) myShopi app. With this prestigious award, presented in over 30 countries to encourage effectiveness among the marketing communications industry, our campaign was crowned one of the most efficient campaigns of 2016.

Curious to see how we were able to convince EFFIE Belgium’s jury members? Check out the TV commercial that was designed by De Vloer, which was first launched in spring 2016 and is still shown on TV, in print and online.

Check out the TV commercial >>

From digital to human

The idea for the campaign was to shift our focus ‘from digital to human’. Therefore, we introduced a tiny little human called Lily. Being the illustrated version of real life Lily – the consumer going through a troubled shopping journey – tiny Lily was able to speak to Lily-the-consumer from experience, from a consumer point of view. By talking less about our features and more about the benefits, we turned myShopi less digital and more human.  


Huge KPI’s and wild dreams

Little Lily was present in every single campaign tool we designed. As we set ourselves some challenging KPI’s – how about dreaming of 1 million downloads and 500.000 monthly active users – we needed our campaign to be omnipresent. And not just anywhere, but precisely there where consumers where in the mood for shopping, buying and consuming. Lily was addressing consumers through placemats at the restaurant and riding along in the shopping cart at the supermarket, offering the best promotions, the latest leaflets and the smartest shopping tips.

In short, Lily made our dreams come true. We even exceeded our KPI’s, with 1.038.100 downloads and 574.300 active users per month. Through our Effie case, we were able to prove that it was communication that led to this exceptional ROI.


From application to aggregation

Why we believe the Lily-story works? We believe that what sets us apart from our competitors is exactly that what consumers are looking for: one single shopping solution instead of multiple single feature apps. With this EFFIE Award, BD myShopi reaffirms that the evolution from application to aggregation is the way to go in the complex and vast market, with competitors for each and every one of myShopi’s features. By now, we have over 850.000 users every month, looking for discounts, cashbacks, promotions, leaflets and loyalty cards for different retailers and brands. That doesn’t mean we’re ready to stop dreaming. According to Lily, the sky is not even the limit.


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