Maximum reach for your official communication

From events and rubbish collection calendars to information from municipalities and public utility companies, BD myShopi delivers all possible forms of official communication to ALL Belgian letter boxes. Thanks to an extensive network of Quality Controllers, the distribution quality is continuously monitored. As an extra service we make sure that your message is delivered to the individual separately from commercial leaflets.

Does your printed matter differ per region?
No problem. You can deliver your printed material to the various regional depots from where they are distributed during the desired week in the region of your choice (municipality, province or region).

Why opt for working together with BD myShopi?

  • Your message is delivered to all letter boxes, including those with a ‘no spam’ sticker
  • Distribution can take place during the course of the week as well as at weekends
  • Distribution can be on a regional or provincial level
  • Distributes your campaign in various forms and sizes
  • Take advantage of a tailor-made tariff

Interested in tailor-made distribution? Please contact us for more information and an offer free of obligation.

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Do you want to know about a personalised strategy for your folder distribution? 

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Please contact us for queries about creative or digital solutions.


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