Interactive leaflets

Generate traffic and sales for your e-shop

By linking your e-commerce product feed to the myShopi platform, we can easily create an interactive version of your leaflet. That will allow the consumer to go to your webshop (and do some shopping of course) with just one simple click. Retailers and e-commerce like MediaMarkt, Shoe Discount and Ici Paris XL already benefit from extra trafic thanks to myShopi.

Why opt for an interactive leaflet?

  • The consumer always sees the latest product information and promotions because they are linked to the right pricing, high quality images and descriptions from your product feed.
  • Promo search allows the consumer to look not only for leaflets but for specific items from your product range as well.
  • We provide you with reporting on folder openings, product views and sales as well as consumer insights such as age, gender and geolocation.
  • The cooperative model is partly performance based (cost per sale).

Did you know that consumers can subscribe to their favourite online leaflet? They can also simply ‘cut’ items from the leaflet and put them directly on your shopping list. 



Do you want to know about a personalised strategy for your folder distribution? 

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