The leaflet for m/f in all corners of the country

Do you have problems finding the right man or woman for the job because the profiles you are looking for are scarce on the labour market? With Jobdrop you can distribute your vacancies via an attractive recruiting leaflet that is distributed door-to-door.

Via Jobdrop you can also reach potential workers who do not have the experience with or are not accustomed to online recruitment channels. Your advert will also reach those who are not actively looking for a new job, but could possibly be interested in what you have to offer. What is more, interested people can put themselves up as candidates straight away via an integrated application form.

An additional advantage of Jobdrop is its high impact in times when online vacancies sometimes get lost in the online mass. Your vacancies are distributed separately from other job offers and therefore receive more attention. The Door-to-Door Impact Survey shows that no less than 71% of those polled would like to receive more job offers in their letter box.

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