myShopi app exceeds 1.000.000 downloads

Since the acquisition by BD myShopi, myShopi became the most important promo and shopping platform, consisting of an application, a website and the package of leaflets that is distributed  in your mailbox every week. With this proposition, myShopi helps consumers to save on their weekly groceries and simplify their shopping experience. myShopi’s  main digital features are digital loyalty cards, cashbacks, shopping lists and digital leaflets. The recent results confirm the number one position of myShopi as a Belgian promoplatform.

With over 1.000.000 Belgian app downloads and 500.000 active users every month, myShopi makes for a successful end of year. myShopi was already the biggest  promo and shopping apps and amongst the biggestl Belgian apps in general. The recent results confirm they’re still in the lead. Every month,about 1.200.000 sessions by myShopi users are registered in the myShopi app and on the myShopi website. Two thirds of all sessions take place in the application, confirming  myShopi’s ‘app first’ strategy.

"Last year’s  growth of last year is explosive” according to Tim De Witte, CCO of BD myShopi. The number of downloads increased with 50% compared to the same period a year ago and the number of active users has doubled.

BD myShopi remains committed to innovation. By now, the myShopi app and offer the possibility to leaf through interactive leaflets in which products are clickable and lead you directly to  the official website of the advertiser where you can buy the product.

myShopi offers leaflets of more than 200 Belgian retailers, from Media Markt and A.S Adventure to Ici Paris XL and Weba, from Blokker and Hema to Coolblue and Bart Smit. After selecting an  interactive leaflet, myShopi users can click on a certain product to get more (product) information and click once more to get to the advertiser’s mobile website to buy the product. Since the interactivity is established through a link with the advertiser’s product feed, you can also search for individual products and promotions and compare them to other advertisers’ offers. This can easily be done using the search bar on top of the website or the app.

“The secret behind the growth? Constant innovation combined with strong promotional content and a clever marketing mix” according to Sophie Docx, Marketing Manager at BD myShopi.



Tim De Witte - CCO

Sophie Docx - Marketing Manager


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