Neuromarketing improves the effect of your leaflet

Neuromarketing scientists examine the consumer's brain in order to determine how it is affected by advertising. And of course, that's where you come in. 

On the 8th of December, "Folder van het jaar: the science behind activation" introduces keynote speaker Martin De Munnik. Having studied over 50.000 brain scans, Martin is amongst the most renowned neuromarketing experts in the world and a valuable source of knowledge and insights to advertisers.

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Optimizing your leaflet: neuromarketing offers concrete answers

Martin De Munnik will provide you with concrete answers to specific questions such as: how will your leaflet truly stand out, how will you get readers to visit your website and how can you get them to buy your product ?

Speakers from Danone, Ikea, Touring, Adrexo, Profacts and BD myShopi will help you to further optimize your leaflet. 

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