Inspiring & activating the desired target group, always and everywhere

Why BD myShopi?

BD myShopi combines its years of experience in logistics with an innovative digital marketing concept for unique omni-channel consumer activation.

Every week BD myShopi reaches 4.5 million Belgian households with leaflets, sampling and other door-to-door campaigns by retailers, FMCG producers, self-employed, shopkeepers and other advertisers.

We also reach the digital consumer who is searching for a tailor-made shopping experience via our online platform and accompanying app.


  • Reach 4.5 million Belgian households every week with integrated campaigns in terms of branding, activation or retention

  • Inspire via the countless features on the myShopi website

  • Always and everywhere available via the apps for smartphone and tablet 


  • Inspire the consumer and enhance the purchasing behaviour with your leaflets in our leaflet package

  • Digital and print possibilities with discount vouchers create more traffic to your point of sale

  • Samples create more trials, generate new customers and re-activate non-active consumers



  • A leaflet package, a website and a easy-going app – especially designed for the consumer

  • Ideal for orientation and inspiration and wildly popular because of its user-friendly appearance

  • Online data gathering and using for a focused action

Do you want to know about a personalised strategy for your folder distribution? 

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