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The Customer Value Analysis shows that BD myShopi’s strength lies in the constant evolution of its offer, aimed at an ever growing customer value. Besides our extensive expertise in leaflet distribution, our clients can rely on the needed innovation within our product range, with many tailor-made creative products and solutions. In addition, the BD myShopi is specialised in providing support for the logistics as well as commercial processes to the most varied types of clients – from retailers and FMCG producers to self-employed people and government institutions.

BD myShopi consciously invests in countless tools to optimise the customer experience. By constantly gauging our clients’ new needs, we can detect specific necessities and provide the suitable tools to respond to them. In his respect there is the Door-to-Door Engine for the distribution area selection, the possibility to launch a tailor-made online or offline Impact Survey and countless segmentation possibilities to optimise your distribution area.

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