Promo CRM

Relevant promotions linked to your CRM program

FMCG producers such as Nestlé and l’Oréal (Garnier) have linked their CRM program to the myShopi promo and cashback platform. Thanks to exchanges made by both parties, more consumer data can be acquired (sociodemographic, interests, etc.) for more consumer insights.  

Complementary to the inspirationel content about the brands, several matching actions and promotions are available on myShopi. myShopi users choose which club they want to join and therefore receive customized promotions based on their profile and cashback behavior.

Why opt for Promo CRM?

  • Fast time to market: launch your own club in only 1 month’s time
  • Recrute new CRM contacts thanks to the reach of  the myShopi network
  • Stimulate brand loyalty and repeat rate with your cashback promotions
  • Control your budget by setting a redemption limit
  • Respond to clicking and buying behavioir with targeted actions and coupons




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