Your product as a business card

A product in the letter box of the consumer is the very best business card for your brand or shop. The annual Door-To-Door Impact Survey shows that samples possess that unique offline power to stimulate the senses by letting people really touch or taste the product. 

What is more, our Customer Impact Survey shows that sampling does in fact contribute to a positive brand perception. Door-to-door delivery of your product will therefore result in the consumer appreciating your product in the fullest sense.

Why opt for sampling?

  • Put a new product or a limited edition in the limelight and gauge the reactions afterwards
  • Select a distribution area on the basis of a range of socio-demographic characteristics
  • Generate positive attention for your brand with the sampling of a distinctive product
  • Stimulate shopping behaviour by adding a discount voucher to the sample
  • Evaluate your sampling with a personalised Impact Survey

If it fits in a letter box, we can certainly distribute it. Challenge us with your ideas for a focused sampling for your business or brand and we will send our distributors out on the road. 



Do you want to know about a personalised strategy for your folder distribution? 

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